Sarvotthan Samiti is an enabled NGO, spreading greenery with its core philosophy of “planting trees for the people, by the people”. Having rooted and survived more than half a million trees across 16 states and some of the majorly polluted cities of India, we are constantly escalating healthy-happy smiles through our trees.

With our every flourishing plant, we are maximizing socio-environmental impact and successfully fighting back the detrimental demons of pollution and strengthening the livelihood of poor farmers to create a rich biodiverse ecosystem.

Today, urban folks are generally cut off from nature in their day to day life. Since ancient times, farming and growing one’s own food has been a default part of every single person’s life. But circumstances have rendered it impossible for modern urban lives to have this direct connection with their food and mother earth. And this basic life skill is lost to our younger generation completely.

Our Vision

To work towards creating a better and Best India which provides HEALTH, EDUCATION, SPORTS, PATRIOTISM, WOMAN EMPOWERMENT & JAL SANRAKSHAN PARYAVARAN to every citizen.


Our Mission

We believe that change will only happen when you, and the society you live in takes a hands-on part in this process of change and development. We are also work on Pathshala, Sahsi Bitiya, Sarvotthan Film Festival, Ek Pehel to encourage change in the society that is civic driven. In order to help women and youths with initiatives that they have undertaken, we help businesses link with social development initiatives.

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